Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier

Do you suffer from neck pain almost everyday because of unwanted neck movements or improper support during long car drives? OR

Have you accepted neck pain due to driving as a part of your everyday life? OR

Are you annoyed of buying a refill for your car air purifier every now and then? OR

Do you want to keep your car odor-free but without adding any artificial fragrance?


Well, you have come to the right place! Look no further. This incredible Air-Purifier Neck Support Travel Pillow is a one stop solution to all your problems:

✔ Keeps your neck in upright position and prevents jerks and undesired movements

✔ Smart design provides support, prevents neck strain, ensures a relaxed and comfortable ride

✔ Charcoal emits negative ions – helps you feel relaxed and refreshed

✔ Radiates far-infrared rays which help promote blood circulation and ease neck pain

✔ Doubles as Air Purifier due to bamboo charcoal’s air purification characteristics

✔ No refills required – Lasts for up to 365 Days and more

✔ Easy Rejuvenation – keep in sunlight for an hour every month and extend its life

✔ Compact, Portable and Lightweight – easy to carry even during backpacking

✔ Natural and Sustainable – Uses Eco-friendly materials

✔ Easy to mount on headrest and Easy to clean (zipper cover is safe for machine wash)


How Does it Work?

Bamboo Charcoal Air-Purifier Neck Support Travel Pillow has a porous structure which helps remove harmful toxins and odors from the air and absorb moisture – thus ensuring a healthy and odor-free air.

$39.90 $19.90


Not only do we offer you the best car neck support travel pillow in the market, but also one that doubles as a natural air purifier. This firm support pillow will always maintain shape and will never go flat. We also provide you a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence.

Activated Natural Bamboo Charcoal

The bamboo charcoal Air-Purifier Neck Support Travel Pillow emits negative ions to help you feel relaxed and refreshed and radiates far-infrared rays to help promote blood circulation and eases neck pain. Bamboo Charcoal Air-Purifier Neck Support Travel Pillow naturally remove toxins and odor from the air and provide a healthy odour-free ambience.

Versatile Pillow

The neck support travel pillow can be easily mounted on the head-rest, thus doesn’t require frequent adjustment to the comfortable position. Washable cover is easily removable so you can keep your neck cushion clean and looking new for years. Air-Purifier Neck Support Travel Pillow compact portable size allows you to carry it anywhere while backpacking.

What customers are saying...

I hate that area between the seat of the car and the head rest and I've always felt that there should be a pillow or buffer there. Reign took car of that for me!! This fits very nicely in that area. Not only is my neck protected but my neck feels comfortable as well. It's actually a joy to drive for long periods of time. My neck feels relaxed!! The pillow is filled with natural bamboo charcoal air purifier neck support travel pillow which is awesome!! I drive around toddlers and trust me my car needs the odor cleaner of bamboo. Since charcoal is natural it can be rejuvenated by setting it in the sunshine once a month for an hour. The neck support travel pillow also looks great. The tan material is unique and very pretty to look at. A wide elastic band keeps the pillow in place, it slides over the headrest easily. I'm thoroughly impressed and SO MUCH more comfortable driving!!

My husband has been having a bunch of problems with his neck so I ordered this for him to use in his car. He took it out right away and installed it and claimed he really liked it. I also drive that car from time to time so will see how it works for me. I don't like a bunch of cushions and things in the car like he does. But I like the fact that it does have bamboo charcoal air purifier as part of it. That will at least help with the "gym smell" that his car often has...

Very High Quality.. Great Looking.. Multi Functional.. Super Comfy.. Easy to Keep in Place.. Natural.. Great Deodorizer..Neck Support Pillow Wow, I Love this Great Neck Support Pillow.. It is Perfect for in the Car.. I Sit on my Couch, Using my Lap Top All of the Time.. This Pillow is Perfect to Keep Behind my Head & Neck.. It Provides the Perfect Support and Comfort.. My "Neck Support Pillow" arrived Very Quickly.. I was Immediately Impressed with the Quality Construction.. The Pillow is Made to Last.. The Cover Easily Removes to Wash.. Inside the Cover, the Travel Pillow is Soft.. There is a "Natural Bamboo Charcoal" Pack on One Side to Provide Fantastic Deodorizing & Air Freshening.. You can Switch Sides to Have the Charcoal in or Out, Depending on your Preference.. The Pillow is Designed with a Strap on the Back to Secure it to Your Headrest (or Chair).. The Pillow is Compact Enough for Travel.. You can Easily Strap it to your Bag or Suitcase..I Love that this Pillow Emits Negative Ions to Help me Feel Relaxed and Refreshed.. I received a Helpful Email from the Seller with Great Tips and Advice for Using this Pillow.. It is Truly Multi Functional, Great Looking, and Super Comfy.. I use it All of the Time.. I Love that I can Keep it on my Bed to use while Reading.. I Do Not have to Worry about it Bringing up Any Bad Odors to my Bedroom, because it is Actually Purifying the Air.. Pretty Cool.. Negative Ions are Also Great for your Hair.. Most Blow Dryers Create Negative Ions to Enhance Shine and Reduce Frizz.. I Love that this Pillow is Great for my Hair as Well..