Dual Port

Keeping your phone charged is for sure one of the most essential things in today’s lifestyle but why go for a cheap-looking, poorly designed, bulky car charger adapter, when you can get a sleek, slim and an intelligent design that’s functionally efficient? 

Forget those old-style inefficient charger adapters that allowed you to charge only one device at a time. Even the whole day would be insufficient to charge all your devices with those adapters. With the Wybrance dual port USB car charger adapters, you can charge up to 2 devices simultaneously and at a rate that’s fast enough to get your devices ready by the time you get back from a nap.


You will fall in love with these incredible charger adapters for the problems that it can solve – Use Wybrance dual USB car charger adapter and

– Never take a wrong turn by keeping your Phone’s GPS always functional

– Never miss an important call while traveling or

– Never worry about low battery in case of emergency

– Play games on your phone without the fear of battery getting discharged


Our USB Car Charger adapter is incredible for its so many awesome features:

– Works with any standard cigarette lighter

– LED Status Light – indicates when the phone is charging and provides ambient soft light at night to help you see what’s where in the car

– Charges as fast as a wall charger

– RoHS, CE and FCC certified
– Doesn’t interfere with your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Not enough? Don’t worry, we have more awesomeness to share with you.



The Wybrance Dual Port USB Car Charger is covered by a 1-year warranty to ensure your satisfaction. If for any reason, you’re not happy with this micro USB charger, just return it for a free replacement!


$29.90 $9.95


Our USB Car Charger adapter is designed keeping in mind the elegant interior of your car. It has a sleek and slim design and comes in a black color that goes great with any type of interior. Moreover, it is a compact size adaptor that is easy to carry and store.


The Dual Port USB Car Charger adapter allows faster charging of 2 smart phones simultaneously with its two high speed 2.1 amp, 5V ports. Unlike other adapters which keep draining your car’s battery even when your phone isn’t getting charged, this car charger ensures that it doesn’t waste the power when not in use – thus making it functionally more efficient compared to other chargers.


Unlike other USB Car Charger adapters available in the market, Wybrance car charger is designed with two USB ports on the side rather than back, thus making it easier to shift gears. This design also allows you to use the cup holder which otherwise gets inconvenient to use due to cords running over it.

What customers are saying...

I got this charger because it has two USB ports and because they are located in the side, not in the center as usual. It is so much more convenient to be able to turn the ports facing the side that is creating the least obstruction for other things. It is such a nightmare with all the cords sticking out getting in the way with cupholders, knobs and stuff alike. The light is a nice dim shade of blue, easy on the eyes in the dark but enough to see where the plug is without having to feel for it. The device is easy to use, works well, feels solid as far as materials go. I've gone through a few of similar type chargers and some did not last long. This one feels pretty solid. We shall see. Overall it's a good buy and I can definitely give it my recommendation.

This has been the best car charger I have ever used. When plugged in, the blue part lights up to let you know its charging and the dual usb ports located on the side totally gives us more room between the lighter port and the stick shift. I never thought it would make so much of a difference. The charge is distributed evenly and all my fast charging products charge just as fast, if not faster with this plug. I can't say enough how impressed I am with this one and even though I received this at a discount for a honest review, I would totally pay full price for this item. This dual port charger is worth it.

Wybrance dual car charger is very well made and has a unique design which sets it part from all the other car chargers on the market. It is designed with two USB ports on the side rather than back or top, thus making it easier to shift gears or use the cup holder. Below i will list some other facts and things that i like about this Wybrance dual car charger.

- Engineered to charge two devices simultaneously with fast speed and efficiently.
- It has a soft blue LED power light, which indicates when charger is charging or not.
- Sleek and slim design with black color which goes great with any car interior.
- No overcharge and it has short-circuit protection.
- RoHS, CE and FCC certified.

Directions: Just plug this Wybrance Charger into your car's, RV's or truck's cigarette lighter and connect it to your devices, it is that easy.